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Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo, SNES) - Repro Cart w/ Replica Custom Mini Box - CrebbaTECH

Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo, SNES) - Repro Cart w/ Replica Custom Mini Box

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Game is brand new and tested to work. Saved games are tested and working. This is a reproduction cart. Comes in a custom mini box.

Game box size fits a game cartridge comfortably even with a dust protector (not included).

"Chrono Trigger (Japanese: クロノ・トリガー Hepburn: Kurono Torigā?) is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. Chrono Trigger's development team included three designers that Square dubbed the "Dream Team": Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Square's Final Fantasy series; Yuji Horii, a freelance designer and creator of Enix's popular Dragon Quest series; and Akira Toriyama, a freelance manga artist famed for his work with Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball. Kazuhiko Aoki produced the game,[6] Masato Kato wrote most of the plot, while composer Yasunori Mitsuda scored most of the game before falling ill and deferring the remaining tracks to Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu.[3][7] The game's story follows a group of adventurers who travel through time to prevent a global catastrophe." - Wikipedia