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The Pirates of Dark Water - (Super Nintendo, SNES) - Repro Cart with Box - CrebbaTECH

The Pirates of Dark Water - (Super Nintendo, SNES) - Repro Cart with Box

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The Pirates of Dark Water - (Super Nintendo, SNES) - Reproduction Game Cartridge with Custom Replica Mini Box




Game is brand new and tested to work. This is a reproduction cart. Cart looks flawless. Comes in an optional custom mini box.

Game box art print is 9/10.

Cart label is 10/10.

Game box size fits a game cartridge comfortably even with a dust protector (not included).

"Pirates of Dark Water video games were also released for the Super NES and Sega Genesis platforms, both published by Sunsoft. The Super NES version is a side-scrolling "beat 'em up, co-developed by Japanese and American staff members, where players can choose to play as Ren, Tula or Ioz and proceed to fight Bloth's gang. Up to two players can play simultaneously. Each character has a life-draining Desperation Attack (spinning kick for Ren, necromancer energy for Tula, and spinning punch for Ioz) and the ability to block – something not common in games of this genre. The Genesis version, developed by Team Iguana (later known as Acclaim Studios Austin), is a side-scrolling platform game with RPG elements. A Pirates of Dark Water role-playing game was released in 1994, but had a limited production run." - Wikipedia



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