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The Punisher (Sega Genesis / Megadrive) - Reproduction Cart with Clamshell Case and Manual - CrebbaTECH

The Punisher (Sega Genesis / Megadrive) - Reproduction Cart with Clamshell Case and Manual

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The Punisher (Sega Genesis / Megadrive) - Reproduction Cartridge with Clamshell Case, Manual and Sticker (Tattoo Replica)



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Game is brand new and tested to work. This is a reproduction cart. Cart looks flawless.

Cart label is 9/10.

Manual print is 9/10.  Printed on high-quality glossy paper very similar to an original Genesis / Megadrive manual.

Comes with a sticker that looks like the tattoo that originally shipped with the game.


"A console port of The Punisher was released for the Genesis in North America in 1994 and for the PAL region Mega Drive in April 1995.[11] This version, while published by Capcom, was developed by an independent American company Sculptured Software.[12] In addition to the worse graphics and sound, lesser variety of enemies, and a smaller amount of objects on screen than in the original, many of the previously breakable background objects were rendered unbreakable due to the limitations of the Genesis' hardware.[6]

This version also contains some content censorship, including removing the most explicit violence as well as the animation of Fury smoking his cigar,[3] and female ninja enemies with skimpy outfits becoming fully clothed.[6] The port also comes with three difficulty settings,[4] but the Easy setting ends after only three stages and the game can be properly completed only on Normal or Hard. The PlayStation version was reported in works by Crystal Dynamics,[13] but was never completed." - Wikipedia

Why buy a reproduction cart?

Why not? Here are some great reasons:

  • These repros play identical to the original game but use all new parts, so you're guaranteed many, many years of enjoyment without it breaking down. Original games are generally 'well used' and may or may not last very long. Plus generally require a lot of cleaning, and who knows if the board has started to corrode inside that game shell?
  • New batteries for game saves (where applicable) mean you're not going to lose your saved game anytime soon.
  • They look almost identical to the original games, so you can proudly display them in your collection.
  • Cost much less than the original games

Condition Notes:

Brand new cartridge, manual, box insert and sticker reproductions.